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ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re Moving to Trunkworthy!


Greetings, faithful blog readers!

Let us begin by apologizing for the unexpectedly lengthy radio silence (sorry, couldn’t resist). If you’re still with us after this first year (!), you’ve undoubtedly come to terms with the idea of forgiving our occasionally inconsistent posting schedule, but it was never our intention to go this long without generating any new content. However, at the root of this temporary hiatus is some good news that we’ve been eagerly waiting to share.

When we launched the Elvis Costello Song of the Week blog last November, one of our missions with this project – as we mentioned in our first post – has always been to carry on the tradition of an identically-titled column by Gary Stewart and David Gorman, writers for a great online magazine called Trunkworthy, that ran for about a year some two or so years ago. From the beginning, it had been in the back of our minds that, once we managed to find a groove and accumulate a decent-sized cache of material, we might reach out to Trunkworthy and gauge their interest in allowing us to reboot the column on their site, with the two of us essentially stepping into the vacancies left by Mr. Stewart and Mr. Gorman when they discontinued their original column. We are pleased to announce that, after a few weeks of fine-tuning the details, we’ve been able to partner with the good folks at Trunkworthy to make this transition happen.

The first year of writing this blog has been a lot of fun. We had the chance to dig deep into some music that really means a lot to us, and we both managed to acquaint ourselves with some Costello tunes that for whatever reason had passed us by the first time around. And, as the song goes, we did it our way. But even in this age, there’s a difference between a blog and a column, and while there are undoubtedly perks to being your own editor and setting all your own parameters, we’re both excited about the increased exposure that this partnership with Trunkworthy might afford our work (not to mention Elvis’s music!), as well as the sense of discipline that a less informal medium might bring to our writing. Don’t be surprised if you see a few repeat entries, as we’ve got a few refurbished favorites coming back through the pipeline as we beef up our queue of essays, but in a broad sense we hope to be returning to your regularly scheduled programming very soon – just on a different channel. In the meantime, head over to Trunkworthy and take some time to look around their site – they do good work out of love. Once our first Trunkworthy post goes up, we’ll link you to it right here.

Lastly, we’d like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read these essays. We really do get excited about every comment and song request – on the blog itself, on Tumblr, on Facebook, or elsewhere. Please don’t stop visiting us just because we have a new address – the drapes may be a little fancier, but the weirdos inside are just like you remember them.

Best wishes,

Jorge and Kevin

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